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To Setting
A Family
Trust Fund
Tax Planning And Beyond.
What Is A Family Trust Fund?
  • A structure similar to an investment holding company
  • Allows the distribution of income to beneficiaries
  • Potential income splitting and tax savings
  • Provides ongoing control of an investment portfolio or asset
  • Allows the distribution of income to beneficiaries to pay for private school fees and extracurricular activities
Tax Efficiency
Income Splitting With Beneficiaries
Offset Costs
For Private School And Exctracurricular Activites  
Protection And Control Of An Asset Or Investments

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About The Author

Jeffrey D. Mackie

In the ‘Guidebook To Setting Up A Family Trust for Canadians’, author Jeffrey Mackie shares his professional and personal experience of setting up and managing his own family trust.  Jeffrey graduated with Honours in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University and then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of Toronto.  Jeffrey moved into the financial industry in 2007 and applies his analytical mind to help his clients succeed.  Jeffrey now strives to gain a thorough understanding of his client’s aspirations and enjoys helping them develop comprehensive and innovative strategies that allow them to feel confident and inspired about their financial future. 
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Many wealthy families use a family trust fund to help offset the cost of children’s activities and private school or university tuition fees.  A family trust can be an integral part of a family’s financial and tax plan and can supplement existing programs like RESPs and TFSAs


Benefits Of A Family Trust

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